Systems for photocalls of superior quality and, in addition, totally reusable.

Manufactured entirely in aluminum and designed to offer a continuous and high quality image, thanks to the textile printing system.

Reuse the same structure for different events, just by changing the impression.



System for photocalls totally made of high quality aluminum and totally reusable.

The MaxDisplay photocall is modulated in sections of 1 meter and has no limit in terms of total width since the modules connect to each other easily and quickly. The total height is 2.5 meters.

This system is designed to place the printing in textile format, leaving it fully stretched and allowing a continuous image without cuts.

You can also add totally optional led lighting at the top.

Backlit photocall

Backlit photocall

Photocall made entirely of aluminum and backlit by high-power LEDs.

This system allows photocalls from 1 meter wide and has no limit on the possible width. The standard height is 2.5 meters, being possible to carry out any other measure in a totally personalized way according to your needs.

Designed to place the printing in textile format on it, leaving it fully stretched and allowing a continuous image, without cuts and of the highest quality.