Custom made exhibitors

Gualoga designs and manufactures custom displays for those clients who need to differentiate themselves from others.

Supports and exhibitors for restaurant chains, airports or hotels. We develop exhibitors tailored to your needs.

Vips display

For the Vips and Ginos restaurant chain, Gualoga has designed and produced the only outdoor easels on the market.

This display unit was entirely tailored to the needs of Vips to differentiate its brand image from the competition.

Two variants were developed, one for each chain in the group, with different finishes.

Vueling suitcase measureing

Support designed and manufactured for Vueling to measure hand luggage at airports

Gualoga carried out the design, manufacturing and labeling of the display unit, thus offering a complete service to our client.

With an original design and designed to facilitate movement thanks to the reduction in weight at the bottom and the use of wheels.

Starbucks A-Board

A-Board designed and produced by Gualoga for the famous Starbucks coffee shops.

Made of lacquered iron and a rubber hinge system, this easel, used to place promotions in forex, is found in all their coffee shops.

Vueling totems

Totems designed and manufactured for Vueling for placement in airport terminals to offer essential information to its customers.

Made of aluminum, different models were developed, varying both measurements and thicknesses for the different uses that Vueling needed.

Custom room divider Estal

Screen designed exclusively for Estal Packaging offices.

Constructed in lacquered iron tubular structure and diagonally installed wooden slats. The screen also has integrated supports to place bottles, a product that Estal designs and manufactures and other decorative elements such as plants.

Vueling boarding totems

Design and manufacture of the totems to signal the boarding areas for the Vueling airline.

With a height of 2 meters and a two-sided graphic, this totem is mainly used to help customers locate boarding points.

Wagamama display

Display design for the Wagamama restaurants, designed to welcome restaurant customers.

Simple and elegant design, this display is made of iron and lacquered in the brand's corporate color.

Ramon Molvizar

Set of custom-designed exhibitors for the perfume firm Ramon Molvizar.

Composed of a metal structure in a gold finish and a black marble shelf with veining and a light box on the upper part with a textile system that allows it to be changed easily.